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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Metalcraft Technologies is a full-service, vertically integrated, aerospace components manufacturer. We fabricate sheet metal parts, machine precision parts, process-finish parts, and build both major and minor assemblies. RANGE OF RESPONSIBILITIES : Primary Responsibilities: Daily Cleaning of Cleanroom Area. Mold Preparation. Able to Identify Correct Process Materials, Prepregs, Adhesives, and Resins. Material Kitting. Prepreg Layup. Debulking Procedures. Wet Layup. Correct Installation of Thermocouples. Vacuum Bagging. Curing of Composite Parts. Demolding Parts. Examine Demolded Parts for Quality and Define any Defects. Complete quality documentation using readable penmanship. Common Responsibilities: Possess Math Skills and Problem Solving Ability. Working Ability to Read, Understand, and Interpret Engineering Drawings & Specs. Knowledge of Warp and Fill of Materials. Knowledge of Cutting Correct Angles for Correct Orientation of Materials. Knowledge of Rosettes for Proper Material Orientation During Kitting & Layup. Work with Curing Ovens and Thermocouples. Trim and Drill Composite Parts as Required. Knowledge and Use of all Required PPE. Use Monitoring & Measuring Equipment (Calipers, Mics, Particle Counter, etc). Knowledge of Aircraft Hardware, Materials, and Processes. Attention to Detail. Strong Work Ethic. Entry Level Technician Responsibilities: Release Tools Prior to Start of Layup Correctly Record all Lot-Stock Numbers Assist with Cutting and Kitting Materials. Able to Identify Different Process Materials, Prepregs, Adhesives and Resins Vacuum Bag Basic Shapes and Sizes Assist in Loading Ovens and Curing Parts Demold Parts Deburr Parts and Remove all Flashing in a Safe Manner Daily Cleaning of Cleanroom Area REQUIREMENTS Entry Level Technician: No Experience Necessary; OJT Provided Trainable and Willing to Work Basic Composite Training Course Preferred (Such as Davis Applied Technology) Manual Dexterity is Required No Sensitivity to Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar, etc. REQUIREMENTS Experienced Technician: Minimum 3 Years' Experience in a Composites Manufacturing Environment Understand and obey all safety requirements Commitment to keep work area clean and free of debris. Working knowledge of Employee Handbook. Able to understand and communicate in English. Ability to read and understand basic blue prints. Ability to use calipers, micrometers, and tape measure. Working knowledge of MTI's traveler (router, bill of materials, etc.). Working knowledge of scrap and rework requirements when discovered. Working knowledge of material (Graphite, Fiberglass, Kevlar, etc.) properties. Working knowledge of hazardous materials. EDUCATION: High School Degree or GED equivalent ABOUT MSC AEROSPACE: MSC Aerospace ( www.mscaerospace.com ) is a family of integrated and synergistic companies with aerospace related operations. Besides producing the SJ30 light business jet, MSC Aerospace companies support the manufacture and assembly of aircraft components for many leading commercial and military customers. For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website. https:--www.applicantpro.com-j-1052730-26012