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EXPRESS EMPLOYMENT Machine Operator in OREM, Utah

DEFINITIONCNC machines are machines that are controlled by Computer Numerical Control. They can perform a wide variety of operations derived from the specific commands that are given in their programs. The Machine Operator II is responsible for selecting the appropriate program setting to run parts on the automated machine. They are to load and unload the proper material based of the program they are running according to repetitive standard operating procedures. After the parts have been machined the machine operator must perform different quality checks before sending the parts down the production line. The operator is responsible for basic daily upkeep and maintenance of machinery and tooling. When necessary, the operator will assist maintenance in troubleshooting and in performing more extensive maintenance procedures. If there are any problems with programming, tooling, fixtures, or quality of work in process, the operator must immediately inform the Production Supervisor. The Machine Operator II is responsible for consistently reaching full machine capacity and efficiency. The key factor in accomplishing full machine capacity and efficiency is to reduce the amount of time the machine is idle and to keep the machine continuously running as much as possible during shift. Ways to accomplish this may include: providing suggestions on better utilization of the machine during breaks, lunches and meetings, providing feedback on machine performance and utilization, and providing suggestions about programming. If the machine is ever idle it is the operator's top priority to get the machine to process parts again as quickly as possible. While the Production Supervisor is ultimately responsible for training, the Machine Operator II may be asked to help train or orient other operators by maintenance. The Machine Operator II is not authorized to ever write, modify, edit, or delete any programs unless he-she has received the necessary trainings and express authorization from the Engineering Manager and Director of Operations. Otherwise, the operator is only responsible for selecting the appropriate program and variable settings to run parts on the automated machine according to repetitive standard operating procedures. Essential Duties and ResponsibilitiesSafety: All employees are to properly use all required person protective equipment, follow allsafety guidelines and instructions and work to maintain and improve a safe work environment. Quality: Perform consistent visual inspection of all parts for defects or problems. The Machine Operator II will need to be able to understand the difference between a good and bad part and what makes them. The Machine Operator II should be seeking out ways for continually improve quality processes while being able to pass monthly standard operating procedure audits. Productivity: Production is ran based off of time standards, The Machine Operator II will be expected to hit and maintain these time standards while giving appropriate time and focus to tasks according to priority and demand. The Machine Operator should follow all standard operating procedures and correctly record and report daily and weekly tasks. Kanban: The production floor runs off the Kanban system. The Machine Operator II must understand the Kanban system. Produce the right parts, in the right quantity, at the right time. Give appropriate time and focus to tasks according to priority and demands. Also must be able to pass Kanban audits Cleanliness: A clean work place is a safe work place all employees are to complete of a daily cleaning assignment, maintain a clean and well organized work station with tools cleaned and out in designated are at the end of every shift and be able to pass month 5S and cleaning audits. Attendance: All employees are to arrive on time for regular shift (6:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday) They are expected to stay on task and at work station during the entire shift, arrive to meetings on time and returni